Friday, 4 July 2014

How to Embed a Powerpoint Presentation Into your Blog ?

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                  Today I have new trick  "How to upload powerpoint Presentation file into your blog ?"

                       Blogger's post has options to add Images and Videos but Powerpoint presentation can be added too... if, you know just the basic concept of using Blogger Templates editor.Majority of Blogger's asked questions on forums is 'How do I add a PowerPoint presentation within Blogger?' So i I give you tips to outcome these problem.

There are many sites which convert .ppt or .pptx files into .html  sites are:-, and that can be used as upload sites to host your presentation and then share publicly.

Are you Confused how can Embed a PowerPoint Presentation? Here are some simple steps just read below:-

Step-1 --> Open, >> Login/signup with enters your details.

Step-2 --> Once you login with your account. Now, Click on Upload button.

Step-3 --> Upload your presentation and add details like; Title, description... etc.

Step-4 --> Click on option My Slideshow from the top menu bar and open your uploaded ppt.

Step-5 --> After the ppt opens click on the embed tab. If you want to change the size of your presentation then Click on customize. After doing all the changes click on Copy.

Step-6 --> After coping the codes, Login to your blogger account > Click on new post > Html option > And paste the codes. 

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