Saturday, 14 June 2014

• Amazing deals right at your fingertips
• Interesting and quirky content, like Movie of the week, Recipe of the day, the latest in    technology, entertainment, sport, fashion and health tips delivered directly to your    

• To see more, simply double-tap on the ad to ‘Launch’ it
• Re-visit the last 15 deals, discounts, ads and other content that were sent to you any    time by going into ‘My eureka’ in the eureka app
• Save preferred content to your ‘Favorites’ in the Eureka app and view them anytime      
you fancy
• View your next reward date and approximate reward amount by going to ‘My    

   Rewards’ in the eureka app 
• ‘Share’ the deal, ad or content image with friends. Also share the Eureka app with  

   friends (from ‘Settings’ in the Eureka app)
• If you are busy, you can request the ad to be shown ‘Later’
• You can pause the Eureka service for 2 days and resume it whenever you want to    

   start earning your rewards again (remember, pausing it won’t earn you rewards)
• See 'How It Works' to learn more about the Eureka service or manage other settings
   Launch the app at regular intervals to discover more! Please update your details in  

   the ‘My Profile’ section of the Eureka app. At Eureka, we respect your privacy and  
   the information you provide will only be used to serve you more relevant ads, deals  
   and content.
   Support: We would love to hear from you! If you have any feedback or questions,    

    please visit us at or email us

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